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The whistles of a woman

The silence in her loud heart
Signals the strength she has
For when she has no option
But to forge ahead for all
Who have put her on that pedestal
The unsaid longings in her chest
Is the pain that seek to rapture
Her very essence and being
The bells of expectations
Are too loud for her gentle soul
And she is still drawn to the belief
That each bell deserves her attention


Ode to broken women

We lay calmly like a river
It is hard to believe just like
The river we are made up of
droplets and shattered souls
You can’t fathom the elasticity
Of our pain bearing souls
it is in this despair that strength
emerges to lift up our chain so
we may carry our burden more
we are broken women yet
our smiles are complete
our love is wholesome
our womb creates humanity
our strengthen is resilient


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment by Ralph Waldo Emerson


The thick layers of skin hide the real person behind it

Yet we pile it on and on because it is the wall we want

It shields all the insecurities that we dread to reveal

The fear of who we are is what leads to so much pain

The battle is to subdue the true soul and walk around

with a façade of who we think we should be and in the

end the world is an acting stage where the best actor

receives the enviable crown with a gaping hole in his

heart for the deceit of others is well known to his soul

Did you see the real you peeking behind the façade?

At the end when we take off the mask deceit is all that

glares comically at us for we were a joke all along  


I am under construction

Through the struggles of life and finding self

 Lost in the abyss and complexity of life’s ocean

The flaws of humanity seeks to drown existence


          I am under construction


The reflection of perfection is non-existent   

Imperfections seek the renovator of the soul  

Shattered but not beyond life’s redemption    


         I am under construction


In all the confusion the world is submerged in 

I add my flaws and emotions to create more

But this breakdown will not outlast my soul


          I am under construction

The War Within

I am first on the battlefield    

Keen to eliminate the enemy  

My sword drawn and ready

I am filled with fury and ache


I am tired of waiting to conquer

The enemy never shows up

But I aim my sword anyway

For I know from where he comes


In the midst of the confusion

I gouged my opponent’s heart

And drained my own life out

There is no enemy after all


The storm is raging within me

It is the war within my soul

I fight myself ruthlessly   

And leave my body with no soul

This Void

The void grew each day

Till the soul is lost

If a lot means more

Then why does it not show?

If more means power

Then why this weakness?


The soul runs at the sight of plenty

If only we will stop for once

And listen to its cry

We will hear our very being

Whisper ever so gently

I have had enough