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When we started I didn’t intend to commit
She was just a place of comfort for me
As soon as the soul found joy I had no need
for her and at first she was ok with that
But I kept coming back and she captured my soul
My relationship with words was supposed to be
Short-lived but how do you let go of a relationship
That keeps you sane and expresses your state of mind
More than your mouth will ever do
I am in love with words and I have made the decision


Basket of gratitude


First basket…………..gratitude for what you have

Gratitude is more than a feeling, it is an attitude of acknowledging benefits we receive or even are yet to receive.  The world has become a habitat of materialism, we are all chasing after one dream or the other that we take so much for granted. We all want more and more out of life (I know I want more out of life) but in all this craziness and mad chase after what it is that we are chasing, do we pause for a few minutes to be grateful for what we already have?  Most of the time we are complaining about what we lack but we forget that what we take for granted, someone is praying for. If we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we’d be happy with more? It is almost impossible for some people to think there is something in their life they should be grateful for. If you have nothing to be thankful for then what about: LIFE, CHILDREN, FAMILY, SHELTER, FRIENDS, ANOTHER DAY, ABILITIES&TALENTS, LAUGHTER, FOOD, and HEALTH. These and so many others we have to be grateful for. We are not better than those who lack these things but we are blessed (you can say lucky if you want, I prefer blessed) with them. Stop the complaint and bitterness about what it is you don’t have and start being grateful for what you have. You will be amazed just how much you have and how much you will get just by being grateful. Today start looking into your basket of gratitude and dish that gratitude out. 


Second basket…………………..grateful for what others give us

Most of us take so much of what we have for granted that it is hard for us to be grateful for what others give us. People are giving of themselves every day to us in numerous ways. They bless us with: COMPLIMENTS, SERVICES, SMILES, LAUGHTER, TIME, A SHOULDER, A GIFT, A WAVE, and GREETINGS. That text your mother sent to you when you stayed out late telling you she was worried sick about you and that friend who is always there to hold the tissue box for you so you can cry your heart out to her. What about that man who picked up your pen for you when you dropped it? And even the cleaner in your office who does a wonderful job of cleaning. Are we ever grateful for all these beautiful moments or do we feel we deserve them. A moment of gratitude is all we need to give to make someone feel good and appreciated for the rest of the day. You have this basket of gratitude you carry around, look in it and dish out some appreciation for life and for the people in your life whether they are family or strangers.

NB: I had written poem in which I mentioned a phrase ‘’the basket of gratitude”, a blogger by name Mary Anne Barton suggested I write something base on that phrase. I take this moment to say thank you Mary Ann Barton

So tell me, what are you grateful for today? 

Why won’t you talk to me?

You said things didn’t work out with you two

And I understand that you grew apart

And you are mad at her

So why won’t you talk to me?


They gathered around you like a beehive

After the encounter, you were not the same

You just said we could not be friends again

So why won’t you talk to me?


You laid there with a sad look

I tried to reach out because you could not talk

It was obvious you were sick and dying

I touched you the next day and you were cold

So why won’t you talk to me?


I was your world and we conquered the world together

But now you are a stranger

And we must part ways

So why won’t you talk to me?


You are my boss and I respect that

I must respect authority and I do

But the grapevine gave you a different me

So why won’t you talk to me?


You said I was your best student yet

And that you are proud of me

You know I would go places

But I moved from your A student to a C

So why won’t you talk to me?


I was right in the middle of the road

Walking as though my legs could not move

You slumped on your brakes and cursed me

So why won’t you talk to me?

Already Taken

He approached me with a dazzling smile that took my breath away. Not only did he have a set of white teeth but he was so good looking, and with a gentle man demeanor he asked if he could join me on my table. I was trembling and trying not to stare too much, I was finally able to find my voice and managed to say the words ‘’yes of course’’. He whispered a thank you and took the seat right in front of me.

In a few seconds my eyes had scan him from head to toe. He was tall, handsome, well groomed and God! he smelled like heaven. And before I could finish my assessment he stretched his hand and gave me his name as Coleman. I gave a weak smile and said a humble ‘’nice to meet you’’.

He was everything I have dreamed of in a man. Like the man that he is, he took charge and started a conversation. We talked about so many things from movies, music, novels to fashion. We had so much in common.

He wanted to know what a young single girl like me was doing all by herself in a busy city such as this one. I told him I was having my ‘’ME’’ time and I do so by ordering one of the most expensive food in a restaurant of my choice. After a long chat and laughter I decided to ask the question every young lady of my age will be dying to ask. I however went about it in a cunning way. Here is what I said ‘’so what is a good looking single man doing in this city crashing tables of young ladies’’? Coleman looked at me and smiled ‘’I am happily married with three kids’’.

My world came crashing just as my facial expression changed. I prayed to God he did not notice the sudden change. I was disappointed and angry but what was I thinking that other women were blind and could not see? As usually all the good men are already taken. He told me he had to rush back to the office and as he made his way out of the restaurant he said to me ‘’if I was not married, I would want to be with someone like you.’’ With this he left. As if his words will change anything, I smiled and kept thinking about his words all day. It was all I had left from him.