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Thinking out Loud 7.4.17

People wonder why most women are more vocal and rebellious these days. I think that it stems from the fact that our mothers showed too much weakness and obeyed without questioning, all because of “the kids” thus us. we watched them carry so much pain and burden in silence that we vowed in our hearts that we will not go through what our mothers went through. so even though they sought to teach us submissiveness by their actions, they indirectly taught us to rebel


The stain on the mirror

You clean the mirror with such force and persistence

You hope to get the dust and stains off it at all cost

The more you clean the more the blemishes and stains

You persist in this act as if your liberation depends on it

Each day you wake up to the same task with renewed

Strength, because you believe willpower conquers it all

 Pause my dear, drop the rug and take a deep breathe

These imperfections are on the inside and not outside