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Thinking out Loud 7.4.17

People wonder why most women are more vocal and rebellious these days. I think that it stems from the fact that our mothers showed too much weakness and obeyed without questioning, all because of “the kids” thus us. we watched them carry so much pain and burden in silence that we vowed in our hearts that we will not go through what our mothers went through. so even though they sought to teach us submissiveness by their actions, they indirectly taught us to rebel


The whistles of a woman

The silence in her loud heart
Signals the strength she has
For when she has no option
But to forge ahead for all
Who have put her on that pedestal
The unsaid longings in her chest
Is the pain that seek to rapture
Her very essence and being
The bells of expectations
Are too loud for her gentle soul
And she is still drawn to the belief
That each bell deserves her attention


When we started I didn’t intend to commit
She was just a place of comfort for me
As soon as the soul found joy I had no need
for her and at first she was ok with that
But I kept coming back and she captured my soul
My relationship with words was supposed to be
Short-lived but how do you let go of a relationship
That keeps you sane and expresses your state of mind
More than your mouth will ever do
I am in love with words and I have made the decision

Daily Prompt: All or Nothing

All or Nothing?
“Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” — Sylvia Plath

Which do you find more dangerous: wanting nothing, or wanting everything?
I responded to todays daily prompt with a short poem below

You yes you
You feel bad for me because I want everything
But at least I want something and the world knows
You yes you
Don’t pity me because I crave for more than I should
At least my intentions are clear
But you yes you
What do you want?
Your intentions are not clear and you are invisible
Because you lack the strength to want something

Christmas is dead

Image found on google by Diane Pernet

Image by Diane Pernet

There was something magical about November leading up to December
I remember vividly how the earth smelled differently
The sounds of life was entirely different with the season
Kids seem to be perpetually running and excited
The earth is bursting with renewed energy and just for this period
We seem to genuinely care for each other
We could not wait for the harmattan to usher in Christmas
We dreaded the cold yet we liked the feeling
But alas Christmas is dead
Kids are not enthused about it anymore
The earth holds no special appeal
And December seem to tease us by dragging on
Christmas is dead and I am mourning for my unborn kids

Oh you are waiting for validation?

You are waiting for validation
from a confuse world
You didn’t get enough of that
when your mother decided
You were worth keeping and
worth all the morning sickness
Oh you are waiting for validation
from a judgmental world
You didn’t get enough of that when
your mother gave you that smile
the moment they put you in her arms
and she forgot all the labor pain
When for several years she watched
over you and her eyes sparkled with love
if even she never told you she loved you
Oh you still seek validation from
people who never saw how you gave
Off your best and how you warm all the hearts you meet
Sorry you want validation from people who don’t know you