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Our Mothers!!

We are braver than our mothers
We took their unfulfilled dreams
and held them to our chest
Dreams bestowed on us
to achieve while we achieve ours
It was then we vowed to be better
To rise above all limitations ever
placed on them and to give them
The gift of being their improved



You look back wondering about what you lost

For a minute your plate was full and overflowing

Love and affection dripping all over your hands

But you stared into the distance longingly

The mirage was appealing from a distance

You did not even suck on the drips of excess love

Now it has all gone to a painful waste

So you look back but sorry I am

All the goodness you once had.

A flicker of hope

tPhoto Credit: Myself

Lying on this bed

My room and thoughts dark

The world weighs on my shoulders

Image none darker than my thoughts.

I cry myself to sleep

The burden on my heart

To my side the light flickers

In the thickness of the night

A flicker of hope

Reassuring me sunshine awaits.

Daily Prompt: Third From the Top- Letting Go

Me after letting go of my permed hair.

Me after letting go of my permed hair.

My mom barbering my hair

My mom barbering my hair



Head to “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own.

Today’s challenge is one that was meant for me, why? Because it described the situation I am going through today.  Immediately I went to blogs I follow and scrolled to the third post, third sentence, this is the words that were staring at me:

‘’I reached out to her to write about letting go and how hard it can be. Here are her words of wisdom on this difficult subject: Shrimp, chives, and mayonnaise’’ (quoting from the blog: TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperman from a guest blog Wise Before 25)

Reading this sentence made me realize at a point in life you just have to let go of certain things not because you want to but because they no longer form part of what the future holds for you. Nobody is saying letting go is easy, it has never been but sometimes it is all you have to do to gain peace and sanity. I am too young to lecture anybody on the process of letting go.

Today I had my own experience of letting go (even though I have done some letting go in the past); I broke up with my permed hair. It was one of the most difficult break ups I have experienced.

I have permed my hair since I graduated from senior high school and I came to identify with my permed hair as part of my looks and have had permed hair throughout my university days. It was therefore emotional when I decided to cut it and grow my natural hair especially in an era of Brazilian and human hair extensions (most Ghanaian women would understand this).

Friends discouraged me( just like some do when you want to leave your abusive relationship) and I was not sure myself but I knew at some point I wanted this relationship with my permed hair to end and it took me four months to finally cut my hair today. Like most happenings in my life my mother was part of it (she actually did the barbering for me) and stood by me.

I still miss my permed hair but like a bad relationship it is over and I am letting go.

Let me know what you think of letting go. Leave a comment.

In pursuit of freshly pressed (but this won’t make it)

Photo Credit:  A blogger known as A clown on fire

Photo Credit: A blogger known as A clown on fire

Back at senior high school (note that I attended an all-girls catholic school) there was a wooden board that I would now call ‘’the board of shame’’. On this board our position in class was pasted and a red line drawn horizontally through the list of names. This line of doom indicated that those who are above the red line performed well academically and those who fell below it needed to sit up. I am sure this will leave a bad taste in the mouth of people who feel this is a bad way of encouraging students to learn.

Anyway, the point is I never saw anything wrong with it and I still don’t, maybe it is because I never made it below the red line (wink). This red line made us take our academic work seriously and brought competition between the students (I don’t care if it was healthy competition or not) because, like it or not at some point in life you would have to compete or even fight for something.

This is the same competitive urge I got when I started blogging and realized that wordpress has a ‘’wall’’ known as freshly pressed (I always imagine a well ironed linen when I see the name) on which they ‘’paste’’ the write-ups of bloggers who have written ‘’noteworthy’’ pieces (I am careful because there are other noteworthy write-ups which have not been featured, I am sure it’s one at a time).

Even though I write what I am passionate about and what I want to share with my audiences, I am dying to have one of my writings if not many more feature on freshly pressed (it’s almost like an award am waiting to receive). Whether it is seen as a competition or not I am hereby seeing it as one and I am going to make it to the freshly pressed wall.

Until then I know this one is not making it to that wall or will it?


Glimpse of the future


I lie on my bed and coil facing the wall and at that exact moment I am not alone. He caresses my face and touches my lips softly. His breath is warm upon my skin. He promises to love me the way I deserve and I smile at him with dilated eyes. He whispers ‘’don’t tell me you love me, for it is in your eyes’’. I nod gently and smile. I refuse to let go because it is all in my head. Then suddenly the door cracks open and he says ‘’Honey I am homeeee’’…………….