Archive | September 2014

Oh you are waiting for validation?

You are waiting for validation
from a confuse world
You didn’t get enough of that
when your mother decided
You were worth keeping and
worth all the morning sickness
Oh you are waiting for validation
from a judgmental world
You didn’t get enough of that when
your mother gave you that smile
the moment they put you in her arms
and she forgot all the labor pain
When for several years she watched
over you and her eyes sparkled with love
if even she never told you she loved you
Oh you still seek validation from
people who never saw how you gave
Off your best and how you warm all the hearts you meet
Sorry you want validation from people who don’t know you


I see you found your pen again

You sit and bleed words on a paper
Your pen painted beautiful pictures
We got used to the man behind the ink

Then she came and whisked you away
You were totally lost in her allure
You could not ignore the sun around her
The joy she brought killed your words
Happiness could not make your ink bleed

We found you dusting your desk the other day
You look at the empty space with nostalgia
As pen and paper sat waiting for their master
The pain she left in your heart needs a shrine
Were your hands will pay homage to LOVE

This poem was inspired by a friend (@phoenixgarincha) of mine who loves to write and after he did not write for several months he suddenly wrote a poem about the pain of loving. My friend if you see this give me a reply.

Ode to broken women

We lay calmly like a river
It is hard to believe just like
The river we are made up of
droplets and shattered souls
You can’t fathom the elasticity
Of our pain bearing souls
it is in this despair that strength
emerges to lift up our chain so
we may carry our burden more
we are broken women yet
our smiles are complete
our love is wholesome
our womb creates humanity
our strengthen is resilient