Archive | August 2014

Layers of deceit

You see the layers
all perfect and well put together
But the soul lurking behind these layers
is all worn out
It’s hiding from the glare of the world
because the world
Has standards it has not been able to live up to
The brutal eyes of the world
is what has driven this soul into hiding
and the truth is they only care
because they want the story and they want the story
because they can’t wait to judge and condemn
an already suffering soul
so I put up a face and accept all the praises I do not


Note to my unborn child

I have been here for years and I know it took time to learn
So that you can have a platform to start from and proceed
Don’t feel the fear I felt and don’t ever belittle you, my dear
Be the boldest your soul can allow you to and face the world

Be who you know yourself to be; bold beautiful and confident
Don’t ever let the pages and screens tell you how to look
And repeat the dosage and cocktail of failure till you get it right
For failing to fail is the greatest failure of all time