I want to travel the world


I want to travel the world and look around in wonder

Fill my lungs with the fascination each place pours out

I want to go to New York and sit in a yellow cab as I look

at a culture that is only known to me in movies and books

I want to travel the world and spread out my hands in joy

I want to go to India and take in the entire cultural splendor

Soak myself in intense color of both fabrics and spices

I want to travel the world and indulge in little pleasures

I want to go to Dubai and stare in wonder of the Arab riches

I want to travel the world and observe decade old traditions

I want to go to Kenya and see wildlife at its best while standing on

One leg by a Maasai tribesman as I give out an echoing laugh


15 thoughts on “I want to travel the world

    • Wow good to know this made it top of your list, I think the more i read it the more i am beginning to like this poem. I am glad you enjoyed it that much and thank you for the wishes.

  1. It’s nice that you want to go for New York day trip. I had recently come from New York City. At there I visited to New York Harbor, Statue of Liberty, the great American Museum of Natural History, Central Park and GE Building. Next year I’ll go there again with my grandmother to attend a business meeting.

    • Thank you for reading and sharing your experience in New York, I have always been fascinated by the culture of New York as described in books and movies and hearing all the great places you have visited only makes me want to visit it the more. I am sure you would discover more as you keep visiting.

  2. My first time in NYC was so much like being in a movie! It was really really strange. I do still love that city but it’s a little more real for me these days!

    I still have not been to India, what kind of traveler am I!!!!

    Good luck with your travels.


    • Thank you so much for reading and sharing , either the activities or culture of NYC have been exaggerated in the movies and books that I have watched and read because it is a fascinating city to me and oh I am sure you are a better traveller than me because I have not travelled much. Let’s keep discovering the world one city at a time.

  3. I told my kids. Travel, test life and have fun before going to work. We will work for 50 years. We are young only for a short time. Don’t forget the Europe and USA coastline. No more fun and beautiful place to see. I hope you get to see the world.

    • I think that is a great advice because once you start working it is one excuse or the other we always come up with, I have not been someone who travels much but I just realized how I am missing out on a lot so from now on I will make time to see new places. Thanks for the good wishes and for making time to visit my blog.

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  5. I also want to travel the world, go to as many places as I can.
    Every writer needs to travel a lot, you know.

    Now that I’m done with my National Service in Tarkwa, which has been a challenging and interesting travelling experience for me, I have made plans to go to Kumasi next week – travel, whether far or near.

    New York, London, Johannesburg and Kenya are currently on my bucket list.

    Cheers to all traveller

    • It is great to travel and I am disappointed at myself for not exploring that much in my life but hey it is never too late. I wish you well in your adventure as I also seek to embark on mine. Cheers to the traveller in all of us.

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