Archive | May 2014

Eclipse of the soul

My being is a beam of light

Virtues strives in this soul

But the struggle between

Good and evil is rife here

These two take turns to

Overshadow each other

And the impact though

Brief is felt by people

Like an eclipse of the sun

My darkness over shadows

My light for a brief period

And then makes way for

The good in me to shine


I want to travel the world


I want to travel the world and look around in wonder

Fill my lungs with the fascination each place pours out

I want to go to New York and sit in a yellow cab as I look

at a culture that is only known to me in movies and books

I want to travel the world and spread out my hands in joy

I want to go to India and take in the entire cultural splendor

Soak myself in intense color of both fabrics and spices

I want to travel the world and indulge in little pleasures

I want to go to Dubai and stare in wonder of the Arab riches

I want to travel the world and observe decade old traditions

I want to go to Kenya and see wildlife at its best while standing on

One leg by a Maasai tribesman as I give out an echoing laugh

When nature is angry

When nature is angry

He sweeps across nations with ease

And pulls down everything within his reach

Trees are flung around like Chinese chopsticks


When nature is angry

He spits magma from the depth of

His stomach and cries in burning rage

He shows no mercy and is out for the kill


When nature is angry

He buries us in his deep belly

He offers no explanations than

the signs he sometimes offers


When nature is angry

We look on helplessly as we

Reminisce on our role which has helped

Create the deadly destruction we now see