Happiness opens the door and Creativity runs

I would not say I am sad at that point but it is more of not being excited

I feel down and that is when the wheels to my creativity start to move

My mind pushes everything out and takes me out on this amazing tour

There I am in touch with my inner thoughts and that is when I write

My emotions run wild and refuse to respect boundaries that are drawn

I churn out amazing writings that most people can relate to and like

It’s as if the doors are closed and creativity is in charge of my being

While happiness is out the door on vacation on her own without me


The door to my being is opened and in comes happiness twirling in

She cleans out the house and sends creativity packing its bags

I try so hard to make them live together under the same roof

But happiness will not have it and there is no compromise between them

Finally we have all decided that there is only room for one tenant at a time

So when happiness opens the door to my soul creativity runs out


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