A mug of memories

The whole house is filled with memories of us

except for a small corner in the bathroom

where sits a mug full of memories of her

This mug holds our tooth brushes but to me

it is the last of the memories they shared

He said it is a gift which no longer holds any value

But to me it is a mug full of memories

Maybe I am out of my mind but I am jealous of

what memory that mug holds for him

So this morning I stood before this mug with an evil smirk

Suddenly both of our tooth brushes are in hand while

shattered mug pieces sprawled across the bathroom floor

He asked if I was ok and hope I didn’t sustain a cut but

it was no accident for the mug had overstayed its welcome

I have finally put a piece of her memory to rest in the trash bin

****Note from a jealous lover


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