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One for all: The Meerkat way

There was a poetry competition at my place of work; we were to write a poem on working safe. I sent in my entry and I won. I have decided to share the poem with you below. Enjoy!!!!


We are family and friends on this journey

We need each other along the safety journey

To make sure we are all safe we must work safe

Don’t ever leave your life to chance and luck

I have pledged to work safe and so should you

Don’t turn a blind eye to that colleague who

Thinks it’s a waste of time to work safe because

Soon he would become part of the statistics

If I see something unsafe I will speak up and

So should you before that friend of yours

Becomes a memory of guilt in your head

It will never happen to me is a fools slogan


Happiness opens the door and Creativity runs

I would not say I am sad at that point but it is more of not being excited

I feel down and that is when the wheels to my creativity start to move

My mind pushes everything out and takes me out on this amazing tour

There I am in touch with my inner thoughts and that is when I write

My emotions run wild and refuse to respect boundaries that are drawn

I churn out amazing writings that most people can relate to and like

It’s as if the doors are closed and creativity is in charge of my being

While happiness is out the door on vacation on her own without me


The door to my being is opened and in comes happiness twirling in

She cleans out the house and sends creativity packing its bags

I try so hard to make them live together under the same roof

But happiness will not have it and there is no compromise between them

Finally we have all decided that there is only room for one tenant at a time

So when happiness opens the door to my soul creativity runs out

A mug of memories

The whole house is filled with memories of us

except for a small corner in the bathroom

where sits a mug full of memories of her

This mug holds our tooth brushes but to me

it is the last of the memories they shared

He said it is a gift which no longer holds any value

But to me it is a mug full of memories

Maybe I am out of my mind but I am jealous of

what memory that mug holds for him

So this morning I stood before this mug with an evil smirk

Suddenly both of our tooth brushes are in hand while

shattered mug pieces sprawled across the bathroom floor

He asked if I was ok and hope I didn’t sustain a cut but

it was no accident for the mug had overstayed its welcome

I have finally put a piece of her memory to rest in the trash bin

****Note from a jealous lover

Why I fear the words strong woman


There is never been a day where I felt like I should be a man (oh only during moments when being a woman does not favor me). Growing up in a culture where being a woman is limiting and yet having a grandmother who commanded so much respect and fought the odds to achieve everything she has ever wanted for both her children and grandchildren, I was aware of the strength of a woman from an early age. My grandmother mirrored it all and was known as “De Gaulle” (a nickname she was given because she was thought to be strong, firm and strict like General De Gaulle of France) because of the power she exudes.

I must have unconsciously picked certain characteristics from her because I always want to work hard to achieve all that I ever wanted. I wanted to earn my own money so I could spoil myself and buy what I wanted. She taught me the value of hard work, honesty and independence (but she did spoil me rotten too). I remember my first day in the boarding house, I was merely a child (in Junior High School) but I was so aware of myself and my surroundings (unlike many who looked lost and in tears) that the then headmistress said to me “you don’t need a school mother” (So I gladly never got one).

I therefore grew up depending more on myself and I have realized since finishing school and working that most people I have encountered turn to tell me I am a strong woman. That is a compliment or should be a compliment but for some funny reason I become a bit uncomfortable and turn to ask the giver of such compliment to further explain what they mean by “strong woman”. This might stem from the fact that I have come to believe (I say this because it might not be a widely accepted belief) that statement has some negative undertones. When people say you are a strong woman in this part of the world I think they mean one or the following;

  1. That the woman is somehow difficult to deal with
  2. She is ruthless in speech and in dealing with others
  3. domineering in her dealings with others
  4. The “I know my right” kind of woman
  5. The “odindin” (woman of steel) type of woman

Don’t get me wrong I am proud of being called a strong woman and I wear that compliment around most of the time but I can’t help but think of the negative connotations and undertones that might sometimes accompany that phrase “STRONG WOMAN”.