Archive | March 2014

That Kind of Love


She holds on to him

Ever so tightly


protect him

With all she’s got

She thinks

No woman

Is ever good enough

For him

He thinks

It must be love

If she

Cares this much


Keeps saying

“I want a man just like you”

And yet

She is all

He ever wanted to love

He’s been labeled

a friend

and is just there to listen

to her cry and

rant about

her heartache


Sanctuary of sadness


She walks the office corridor with such confidence

She left the tears soaked pillows at home tacked away

Her smile goes before her and yet she is shattered

She is the envy of her office because she has it together

Until the day ends and she crawls back to her shrine of sadness


He is not you

Thank you (popularly known as Efo Dela) for allowing me to write a rendition of his poem SHE IS NOT YOU

He is not you,

His pot belly is nothing

Close to your toned abs

And when I gaze into his eyes

I see a man trying to be his best

And there are no hidden mysteries to him


He is not you;

You are a sparkling gem,

Your sparks captures my attention

He is the dusty road that dirties my soul


He is not you,

Our intimate moments are clumsy  

And we are like two inexperienced

Teenagers who are relearning the basics

But that is the fun to our awkwardness


With you it was natural,

Like two pros on a project

There was no need to try


He is not you;

Our bodies are not pieces of

 the same puzzle,

We are two unpolished gems

Rubbing on each other  

For the perfect finish

I fear this friction will set us on fire

Before we are a perfect match

But the heat is all I crave  

He is not you,

But that is the intriguing part



A stranger’s gaze

He throws me off balance with that savage look

His piercing gaze can peel off thousands of clothes

Returning his gaze I feel my body respond to him

I suddenly feel naked in front of a total stranger

His unspoken words scribbled all over my body

I managed a trembling smile amidst the tension

He seems to be enjoying this as he winks at me

And he whispers “you are one hell of a woman”

He strutted confidently off with a cunning smile 

I was rooted to the same spot like a teenager

Who has just been violated with her consent