Archive | February 2014

Top Stories

It’s the top stories but there is nothing top about it

the tragedy  hangs very heavily on each bulletin

with each scroll of the button comes a new cancer

 that seeks to eat into the very fiber of the world  

we look at the screen but we are not observing           

 the gloom that surrounds us makes us oblivious  

to all the pain and hurt pouring in from the TV

 soon we move to the next channel and get a good    

   laugh forgetting the evil lurking at the door


The Storm

On many of those life changing moments

And words fail me so I stand speechless

I see a thick storm brewing in the distance

Watching it twirling and dancing majestically 

It is clear I am about to be greeted with fury   

Yet I am rooted to the very ground that seeks me

I tread cautiously not for me but out of respect

Respect for the monster who seeks to devour me

I am about to be blown into unrecognizable pieces   

Fertile grounds


A seed is dropped in my young mind and

Like a fertile ground in the right season

It blossoms with the roots and branches

The negligence of the planter is evident

This land is a breeding ground for pests

Any fruit from this land is a potent poison

Contaminating and destroying young minds

This fertile ground breeds all the wickedness

The seed of deception has access to a fertile

ground and planting goes on all year round