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Daily Prompt: SOS- Message In a Bottle

I saw a gleaming object in the distance

It stood out because I was craving a drink

Sure enough it is a bottle at the shore

YES!! It sure does contain a white paper

 I have heard about messages in bottles

And this might be an old age message

A well folded paper in a vodka bottle

Shaking with excitement I did open

 I stared at an ancient message that read

“I send you this message like a fortune

Telling Chinese cookie to let you know

You will find love and age beautifully”


The stain on the mirror

You clean the mirror with such force and persistence

You hope to get the dust and stains off it at all cost

The more you clean the more the blemishes and stains

You persist in this act as if your liberation depends on it

Each day you wake up to the same task with renewed

Strength, because you believe willpower conquers it all

 Pause my dear, drop the rug and take a deep breathe

These imperfections are on the inside and not outside

Note to my unborn child


I have been here for years and I know it took time to learn

So that you can have a platform to start from and proceed

Don’t feel the fear I felt and don’t ever belittle you, my dear   

Be the boldest your soul can allow you to and face the world


Be who you know yourself to be; bold beautiful and confident

Don’t ever let the pages and screens tell you how to look

And repeat the dosage and cocktail of failure till you get it right

For failing to fail is the greatest failure of all time




You, it was you I saw on that lonely dusty road

You who did not take a second look at the journey

You simply look lost but content in your situation

You who drew sympathy which you did not need

You laugh and run and twirl as you go along life

You who made us gossip about how unhappy you are

You made us forget to look at the sparkle in your eyes

You, yes it was you who taught us to live and love

A stolen kiss

It felt so good to be just a kiss

                                I savored it in all its total bliss

It was not to be a temptation

                                 It was more like redemption

I beckon you to dooms palace

                                 For that is my niche of balance

The seducer you can’t dismiss  

                                 I seduce in order to conquer

Let us lock these lips intensely  

                                It is all my soul wishes for lately

You are not mine for the taking

                                So I steal this moment and this kiss    

Songs I cry to


It is a new year and we are all excited about the prospect of a new chapter in our lives. In 2014 we all hope for better things in our lives; from our families, relationships, careers, friendships and many other areas of our lives. When we were shouting the popular greetings HAPPY NEW YEAR, it was not necessarily because the weather or a lot of our surroundings will change and not because most of us will change attitude wise. It is mostly because we hope things will be different and the idea that we have the chance to turn things around in our lives is what excited us the most (not forgetting the holidays).

As much as it is exciting and we all hope for the best, we still know that the journey into 2014 is not going to be rosy, we can’t simply keep it together all the time and hey! That is alright because we are simply humans. There would be happy moments along the line and there would be heartbreaks; people will disappoint us mostly but we would disappoint ourselves too along the journey.

Speaking of heartbreaks, most of us know how that feels like especially when it comes to the issues of love and relationships, when someone you love no longer cares and feels the same way about you or has simply decided to move on with their lives because they don’t see you in the picture of their future. Different people have different ways of dealing with heartbreaks, some will cry, others will stop eating while others will simply refuse to let go and some others take the time out to plan the “perfect” revenge. Many others will pretend it never happened and dust the memories off their shoulder and simply carry on.

This is what I do, I stay indoors, cry and listen to lots of music, and a song immediately becomes a hit to me if the lyrics speak to my situation. I will sing along and cry my eye balls out. This process (funny how I call it a process now) is the catharsis for my body and soul. During this time you need both songs that make you strong and tell you that you are stronger than you know as well as songs that will simply make you miserable so you can cry yourself to sleep. Like it or not whatever you do to get on your feet again is a necessary process (as long as you are not going about hurting others).

So let me share with you the five (5) songs I listen to when I am going through a heart break or a break up. I sing along to these songs and cry in my room till I am strong enough to face the world again. Here we go:

1. Lose to win- Fantasia Barrino


This is the song that hurts and encourages as well. When you know it’s over and yet scared to face a new life without this person so you console yourself with the fact that you have to lose in order to win

2. After the hurricane- Jasmine Sullivan


This song simply compares the attitude of the people who break other people’s heart to that of a hurricane, which sweeps and destroy everything in its way.

3. No can do- Sugababes


This song is for when you are the person who broke up with the other person and they are trying to come back but you are not ready. It’s a fact that you can initiate the break up but still cry your eye balls out.

4. The one that got away- Katy Perry


Usually when you know you are to blame for letting the other person go away you just want to drown in a song like this.

5. That’s where I’ll belong- Peter Andre


Well this is not like a heart break song but usually after crying all the tears and you are lonely and wish you have a special  someone by your side and you realize you don’t so you start to cry all over again.

So let me know how you deal with heartbreaks and how do you lift yourself up again and if it is through music feel free to share your list of songs with me.