Wine making and character building


If you are someone who enjoys wine, you will notice how wine seems to help you relax or sometimes make most dishes taste better than they usually would. Wine lovers all over the world sip away this relaxing drink most days of their lives. But have you ever paused to think for a moment and reflect on the process involved in making wine? I guess not, we would rather like to think of the finished product which is more appealing.  

After recently thinking along that line, I came to realize that there is a link between the process of wine making and the struggles and challenges of human beings, which usually leads to character building. The process of wine making is a tedious one but the final result is a refreshing drink that people have enjoyed the world over. You might never have thought about the link between character building and wine making but if you give it a little reflection it soon becomes clear that there is a lot in common than you might think.  

The harvest:  harvesting or picking is the first process in wine making. Selection of the fruits is as important as the rest of the wine making itself. Each fruit is carefully selected and bad or rotten fruits are usually not part of this process. Come to think of it, in life all of us have our own destiny and with it comes our special challenges. You must be grateful to be going through challenges in your life because this means you have been handpicked like a special grape fruit so that at the end you can come out as refined as wine. It is usually difficult to be grateful for difficulties or challenges but we all agree that in the end, it is what helps build our strength and character

Crushing and pressing: this is the part where the grapes are literally crushed and pressed for that special liquid which will later become the wine we enjoy. As humans we are sometimes painfully crushed and pressed so hard that we cannot see the brighter side of life.  I have had such moments and trust me it is hard to believe that anything good can eventually come out of it but the final result is always an amazing product which is savored the world over.  This is one of the most important processes of wine making as it determines the quantity and quality of the final product. So when you are crushed and pressed like the grapes hold on because the final product is an awesome product most people will like to share in.

Fermentation:  this is the magic touch to wine making but it also needs a lot of patience. Fermentation usually determines the taste and strength of the final product. This means that as we go through life we need to pause once in a while to think about the challenges in our lives, it is usually not an easy task because we would rather focus on the good times but believe me rushing through the challenges without reflecting means most lessons are lost and we are more likely to repeat the mistakes. Take time off and calm down like the fermenting wine and watch just how stronger you come out of your challenges like the alcohol in wine.  

Clarification/filtration: this process is where the wine is filtered for the unwanted particles to be separated from the final product. If the wine maker needs quality, he is extra careful at this stage. At this point in our lives this is the painful part where we need to decide who or which situation follows us to the next stage of our lives and like the wine maker we must make that filtration process very important because it affects the final quality of our lives.

Aging and bottling: this is the final process of wine making but is also as important as the rest of the processes. This process also contributes to the final taste of the product as well as how the wine will appeal to the consumer. The older the wine the better the taste and the better looking the bottle, the more likely it will attract or appeal to the consumer. The lesson or link with human beings here is that as we grow older we are more likely to appeal to people because we become mature and are more likely to handle issues better than we use to. We should therefore come out of our challenges with a positive outlook in life as this will help draw positive people to us and help us become better people. Package yourself positively and see how people are drawn to you. So the next time you are enjoying a glass of wine, remember you have so much in common with that glass of wine than you thought possible. Cheers!!!!.


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