I strolled along the shores of the sea with Derek, my boyfriend of eight years; we undertake this exercise once in a while to take in the beauty of nature and talk. We walked on hand in hand like the lovebirds that we are. Derek was whistling joyously more than he mostly does. It was almost as if there was some inner peace in him and he looked so happy that I was boiling with anger inside but as usual I did my best not to let it show.

I was in my own world contemplating why he has not  yet proposed after we have been together for this long, all I kept asking myself was; am I not good enough? Or he just did not love me like I thought he did or is it that he did not love me enough to marry me? After a while and still deep in thought he smiled broadly at me and asked if I was alright. I replied in the affirmative. He must have realized that I was cold because he removed his jacket and covered me with it. As if possessed by a demon, I removed the jacket and threw it in anger into the sea with all the remaining strength that I had. Within minutes the jacket disappeared into the sea as Derek looked at me with utmost shock. I could see he was furious.

He took me by the shoulders and shook me as if to exorcise me and shouted “I have your engagement ring in the pocket of the jacket; I was just going to go on my knees and propose tonight”. With a look of what seems like a flashback on his face he explained to me how he came to my room once and saw me sleeping on my bed with a GLAMOUR magazine opened in front of me. He saw a tiffany ring on the opened page and it was that ring he has been saving for some time now and finally got it for me. It was the exact ring that I have always wanted. Guess what happened next……………….OMG   



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