The Afghan girl

This poem was inspired by a popular story in the media where a journalist called Steve MacCurry took random pictures of an Afghan girl in a refugee camp at Pakistan. In June 1985 one of the pictures of the girl was featured on national geography magazine and because at the time her name was not known she was popularly referred to as the Afghan girl. The picture captivated the world because of the fierceness in her eyes and the fact that this picture became a symbol of the pain of the Afghanistan war. 17 years later Steve went in search of the same girl in the photograph and found her back in Afghanistan and her name is Sharbat Gula. She was married with children. Enjoy the poem  below:


We were first introduced through her eyes

they sucked us in not just by their fierceness

but by the painful story behind the eyes

the eyes that captivated the world


The innocence  merged with pain was

too unbearable and yet a work of art

she almost dares you to get closer

she is all she has got in a war torn

environment  and trust does not exist

pain is all she ever knew and bears

those green eyes tell a whole story

on their own and even though they

appear fierce you cannot help but

notice the fear lurking behind them


After all these years it is only the torch

of motherhood and family that did soften

the fierceness behind those piecing eyes

for the call of motherhood has a soft touch

Afghan Girl[1]


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