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I strolled along the shores of the sea with Derek, my boyfriend of eight years; we undertake this exercise once in a while to take in the beauty of nature and talk. We walked on hand in hand like the lovebirds that we are. Derek was whistling joyously more than he mostly does. It was almost as if there was some inner peace in him and he looked so happy that I was boiling with anger inside but as usual I did my best not to let it show.

I was in my own world contemplating why he has not  yet proposed after we have been together for this long, all I kept asking myself was; am I not good enough? Or he just did not love me like I thought he did or is it that he did not love me enough to marry me? After a while and still deep in thought he smiled broadly at me and asked if I was alright. I replied in the affirmative. He must have realized that I was cold because he removed his jacket and covered me with it. As if possessed by a demon, I removed the jacket and threw it in anger into the sea with all the remaining strength that I had. Within minutes the jacket disappeared into the sea as Derek looked at me with utmost shock. I could see he was furious.

He took me by the shoulders and shook me as if to exorcise me and shouted “I have your engagement ring in the pocket of the jacket; I was just going to go on my knees and propose tonight”. With a look of what seems like a flashback on his face he explained to me how he came to my room once and saw me sleeping on my bed with a GLAMOUR magazine opened in front of me. He saw a tiffany ring on the opened page and it was that ring he has been saving for some time now and finally got it for me. It was the exact ring that I have always wanted. Guess what happened next……………….OMG   



How to piss off a Ghanaian

For the benefit of those who do not know where Ghana is, it is a West African state with neighboring countries such as Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso etc. we have often been referred to as a peaceful nation.  This has made the country a tourist destination and as a Ghanaian I am very proud of my country. Here are 10 ways to piss off a Ghanaian:

1.     Assume that Twi is the national language

In a diverse nation made up of a lot of tribes, the country is a sensitive place when it comes to tribal issues, so even though TWI is the most widely spoken language,  most people don’t want anyone thinking it is our national language( I am not even about to start this debate today)

2.     Suggest or assume that Nigerians are better than us in anything

Nigerians are our neighbors and we stick together sometimes. A lot of Nigerians are resident in Ghana and so are some Ghanaians. There are even a lot of marriages between these two nations. Both nations are unique but there is this rivalry that will just not go away. I think it has been in existence even before I was born. This rivalry ranges from music, football, movies and dance. I personally think that comparing two uniquely countries is not worth it but it is fun sometimes but let be caution NEVER SUGGEST THAT NIGERIA IS BETTER THAN GHANA OR THE OTHER WAY ROUND. PERIOD!!!!!

3.     Say that we are not the originators of AZONTO  

Hehehehe this is a big one too. The Azonto dance is a unique dance that caught on with the youth in Ghana and has been recognized worldwide. The youth in the country take pride in the fact that we have created a dance that is OURS. So please just don’t go there!!!!

4.     Suggesting that we are not a hospitable nation

This is an attribute that is widespread especially by tourist and foreigners and we simply hold on to it like the way a lonely woman holds on to her pillow on a rainy night. Don’t try to take that away from us. I will personally fight you.

5.     Suggest that politicians deserve their huge salaries and other incentives

Let me say this is the bigger one and suggesting this anywhere near a Ghanaian can be deadly to your health and life.  We simply know that the masses are suffering and the only people who seem to be oblivious to this fact is our politicians and for a good reason, they take home fat pay and other incentives. Telling us otherwise would anger us.

6.     Complain about the man preaching on board the trotro(public transport)

Ghana is a Christian dominated nation and it is therefore a common sight to see people preaching on public transport especially buses going on long distance journeys. This practice can sometimes be a nuisance but you dare not complain or you will be seen as the devil’s incarnate. No personal comment hehehehe.

7.     Supporting another football team apart from the national team (black stars) when Ghana is playing(especially if you are Ghanaian)

This is self-explanatory, as a Ghanaian you have no business supporting an opposing team. GO BLACKSTARS.

8.     Suggesting our footballers deserve huge bonuses

Don’t get it wrong we love our national team BUT at the same time we still can’t stand being told they have been paid bonuses for qualifying us to one tournament or the other. That is just Ghanaians for you.

9.     Tell a Ghanaian his take home pay is reasonable

No matter our position or take home salaries it is never enough. Need I say more?  I guess not

10.  Suggest anything close to a civil war in Ghana

I mean war is never a good thing and as a country surrounded by war torn countries we know the conquences of war. Never suggest something close to a civil war happening in Ghana. The whole nation will descend on you and rightly so.


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment by Ralph Waldo Emerson


The thick layers of skin hide the real person behind it

Yet we pile it on and on because it is the wall we want

It shields all the insecurities that we dread to reveal

The fear of who we are is what leads to so much pain

The battle is to subdue the true soul and walk around

with a façade of who we think we should be and in the

end the world is an acting stage where the best actor

receives the enviable crown with a gaping hole in his

heart for the deceit of others is well known to his soul

Did you see the real you peeking behind the façade?

At the end when we take off the mask deceit is all that

glares comically at us for we were a joke all along  


Letter to my dead Ex-boyfriend


My dear first Love,

I sincerely don’t know why I am writing you this note, it could be because you were my first love or it could also be my desperation to find closure when you departed several years ago without any goodbye. It might just be the fact that I still feel guilty for not doing enough to save your restless soul back then.

I remember your fearlessness and your ability to take risk, your adventurous attitude was the magnet for our meeting because it was all I lacked then but above everything else is your generosity.  How could a simple smile make everything feel better? But your smile did just that all the time.

I remember meeting you back at the university and taking an instant liking to you. It was that unexplainable feeling mixed with the inexperience about being attracted to someone.  I had never being in love but being with you it just felt right and I knew instantly that you were all I wanted and I couldn’t have made a better choice.

Right from the start, I notice the restlessness in your soul; you wanted more out of life and you went all out trying to find it. This served as the catalyst to what I might call destruction. You were lost in the confusion of the chaos that life has to offer, I watched you battle with your inner “demons”. And in all that struggle you always put me first and you said I was the only thing that kept you sane. I thought I had held your hand so firmly but the call from the other side was much too stronger than my grip on you.  I was too young to understand your battles and till date I think I have failed you in a way.

We made a lot of good memories together and I like to remember you that way and I still make a lot of noise about you which is just not fair to the one I am with but you set the bar to damn high for me to easily forget you and I carry you around in my spirit. I hope you have finally found peace where you are.

Forgive me for all the times I failed you, for all the times my help was not enough and for all the time that I wasn’t there for you. I hope I will be able to move on and make you proud like you always believed I would. RIP my dear, RIP my first love.  




Under the scotching sun, we seem oblivious 

Running bare footed with deep seated joy

The world is ours to embrace instantly

Those tiny feet crushed danger unknowingly

The raining skies and space is our play ground 

Drenched to our souls we shiver our way back home

The savannah held us captives in its entire splendor

Like solar lamps we feed on the energy of the sun

Standing in basins filled with water to the brim  

We joyfully splash away the heat of the sun


The Afghan girl

This poem was inspired by a popular story in the media where a journalist called Steve MacCurry took random pictures of an Afghan girl in a refugee camp at Pakistan. In June 1985 one of the pictures of the girl was featured on national geography magazine and because at the time her name was not known she was popularly referred to as the Afghan girl. The picture captivated the world because of the fierceness in her eyes and the fact that this picture became a symbol of the pain of the Afghanistan war. 17 years later Steve went in search of the same girl in the photograph and found her back in Afghanistan and her name is Sharbat Gula. She was married with children. Enjoy the poem  below:


We were first introduced through her eyes

they sucked us in not just by their fierceness

but by the painful story behind the eyes

the eyes that captivated the world


The innocence  merged with pain was

too unbearable and yet a work of art

she almost dares you to get closer

she is all she has got in a war torn

environment  and trust does not exist

pain is all she ever knew and bears

those green eyes tell a whole story

on their own and even though they

appear fierce you cannot help but

notice the fear lurking behind them


After all these years it is only the torch

of motherhood and family that did soften

the fierceness behind those piecing eyes

for the call of motherhood has a soft touch

Afghan Girl[1]