When a man feels

This is one of my favorite poems from a friend of mine on twitter whose handle is @Amegaxi. I have added all his details at the end of the poem so you can follow him. This is a guy who writes amazing poems that I can only dream of emulating. He is also a satirist and is full of humor. I just love how he writes and yet he downplays how good he is.

When a man loves;

It is fierce, burning, self-sustaining,

He will defy the gods to keep them safe,

Those he loves,

He lives, dies for them,

Loyalty leaping from a devoted soul

And he calls them,

Comrade, Brother, Sister, Friend.

When a man truly loves a woman;

The passion; explosives,

Like volcanoes ejaculating magma,

Let nothing stand in his way.

When a man loves a woman,

He becomes a poet,

For his heart speaks not mere words,

But sacred oracles,

Cultured Conversation Cascading from confounded lips,

And he calls her,

Angel, Queen, Dear, Woman.

When a man cries,

‘tis rare,

Each pain filled tear speaks, a dead language,

The reason you couldn’t comprehend his pain,

And when they hit the Ground,

Mother Earth captures her son’s anguish,

Pure petrified precious pain,

And that’s how diamonds are formed.

When a man’s heart breaks,

Miles away it’s heard and called thunder,

His heart develops infinite fault lines,

And when it tries to heal itself,

It calcifies at each crack, Jaded,

Like it gazed upon a Gorgon,

And you call him stone hearted.


It just might crumble,

Despairingly disintegrating into dreary dust,

It leaves a void,

Then you call him heartless.

When a man hates,

It explodes,

Charring all it touches,

It leaves none in its wakes,

The heavens darken at the frown on his brows.

It implodes,

Quickly receding,

Till all that is left is a black hole,

Effectively existing in emptiness,

No more does it burn,

So you call him indifferent.

So forgive him,

For being,

Too jaded to love,

Too weak to cry,

Too hardened in pain,

Too empty to care,

Too tired to fight,

For when a man really feels,

When he loves, cries, hurts and aches,

It is,

Undivided, consuming, almost self-destructive,

Tales in a thousand tongues can’t tell it well enough.

WRITTEN BY:  Efodela  @Amegaxi

Blogs:  Poetry:  Efo Dela’s Ars Poetica

Blog: http://efodela.blogspot.com


2 thoughts on “When a man feels

    • I like this poem so much because the passion in it is infectious and as for the men bashing, it will come up once in a while but we all know men are all not the same

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