If I had the nerves


Communication is an important means by which we interact with each other and this act has the ability to unite or divide us. Some people have been known to be good orators and are able to raise passions either for a good cause or a negative one.

Growing up I have learnt that the way one speaks can either justify what they do or make them look guilty. Your choice of words during a debate can impact positively on what you say thereby convincing people about the ideas you are “selling” to them even though it might not be the best of ideas.

Enough of that said, there are days where we just want to say exactly what we are feeling without any diplomacy or with no consideration to who we are speaking to. We have all felt that at a point in our lives either towards our family, bosses, friends, colleagues and sometimes total strangers who offend us.

We all know life cannot be lived that way, we cannot selfishly go round hurting people with our words because as the saying goes in my local language “people are sweet even though we don’t eat them”. Meaning that fellow humans help to spice up our lives and make it special either directly or indirectly.

Let me share with you what I sometimes want to say during those days when you want to be brutal with words but yet end up playing the diplomacy cards.

If I had the nerves

This is what I really want to say                                        This is what I end up saying

Whether I am married or not is none of your business          when the time is right I will be married

I don’t feel like talking to you because you are a hypocrite    I really don’t feel like talking today

Your argument is plain stupid and does not make sense      I don’t agree with you at all

I don’t want you as a friend                                                          why not we can be friends

My friend does not love you so move on                            my friend is just playing hard to get

You have put on too much weight                                it is not that bad; it’s just a little weight

I don’t want to give you my phone number            I am uncomfortable giving my number to strangers

I think you are someone I would like to date           in a scenario like this I say nothing at all (WINK)


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