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The web

It is woven carefully.

With soul and skill

The lure is undeniable


It draws with crafty silence

And before long

You are entangled in the web


With every fight

You are entwined more

And the deception you crave

Traps you more and more


Powerless in my grips

I am your muse

I drip sweet deception

Drop by drop and bit by bit


You can’t break free

This web is your niche

Where my grip deepens




I stared at you in the mirror

I knew we couldn’t get along

Because I look at you disapprovingly

But you think I see what I present


You think the mistakes are always with me

And yet I am a reflection of your image

I present to you what you give me

That glare you give me will not deter me

From presenting the truth to you


The world tells you what to look like

And I tell you how you look

I am your friend and a confidence booster

If only you give me the chance

To tell you how beautiful and strong you are

Each morning as I watch you walk out

In all smiles to glory to face the world

Dear fear

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You must be gloating because I addressed you as “dear’’, don’t get too excited because this relationship is about to end.  I recall how you held on to me from as back as I can remember, but sometimes I would like to think I rather held on to you. This stems from the fact that you were the only companion I knew. You gave me all the reasons to not be assertive and to not challenge myself. With you I could easily say this is all I can do and this is all I could give. Sometimes I think my head might explode from all the dreams I have but you had a way of telling me I would fail at all of them because I was just not capable.

People around me always said I was intelligent, brave, smart, confident and beautiful but I choose to believe you. Looking back I don’t know why I believed you; I think it’s because you offered a “Comfort Zone” which offered no comfort.

As I grew older I decided that you will no longer hold me back and so I made that journey all by myself only to look back and hold the hand you readily offered.  I am not saying you were bad throughout our relationship because you stopped me from making a lot of silly and foolish mistakes but that is all you are worth.

Fear, you not only threatened to control the work I do but you also wanted to control my very existence and my outlook in life. But a new day has dawned and I have realized there is so much I am good at so much I can accomplish if only I did not hold on to you.  I know for sure I am moving on to better inspiration and your negativity has no place here but do not rejoice if once in a while I hold on to you once again. Note that this is normal but I will find my way back to the positivity in my life.

We all have the tendency to be held down by fear. We are afraid of failing at our jobs, careers, family life, business, exams and many other areas of our lives, but wait that is fear holding us back. The power we have within us is so great if only we are not so busying holding on to our fears.

I have started that journey of disregarding my fears and I have started my journey of positivity.