Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye- The Ghanaian Woman

Is there a painting or sculpture you are drawn to? Discribe the experience. ( or, if art doesn’t speak to you, tell us why).


The sculpture above is one piece I was drawn to the first day I saw it in a shop. I was so drawn to it I had to visit the nearest ATM machine in order to buy it.

The sculpture speaks so much to me as a Ghanaian woman and an African in general. I know you are bored (yawn) with my reference to my roots all the time but sorry folks, it is just who I am.

This sculpture explains into detail my role as a Ghanaian woman; with the basket in hand it signifies the fact that I have to feed my family all the time and the water gallon (sorry that part of the sculpture got broken during my cleaning sessions but you can still see a tiny piece hanging on).

Then while catering to the family the Ghanaian woman must still find the time to cater to the child or children as you can see a baby strap to the sculpture’s back (that is how we carry our babies out here and foreigners always wonder how the babies do not fall off our backs; its a skill taught from childhood)

Finally the sculpture also captures the style of the Ghanaian woman. We dont forget our fashion sense in all of this chaos.

This is what drew me to this sculpture and I knew I wanted to be this type of Ghanaian woman and more.

Today, it still stands in my room reminding me that I am a proud Ghanaian woman.

Just take a moment and take a look at this magnificent sculpture and see if it speaks to you.


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