Just Another Sad Poem

Sorry I called you friend
The ingredients for friendship
Cannot be found in you
I was wrong to try and plant
Them in a dry soul
I thought you were mean
But I was mean for trying
To hold on to a childhood
Soul that was lost
It is obvious this soul has
Laid fallow for years
With no hope in sight
And I am the fool who thought
All hope was not lost for this
Forsaken soul
So I paid dearly with tears and
A gapping hole in my heart
And as I stand ready to give up
On this soul, my heart beat
Whispers there is still hope


2 thoughts on “Just Another Sad Poem

  1. Great poem, Sheila. Very moving! I had a friend like that. Unfortunately, she was poison and there was no hope left. It’s ok though. As hard as it was to let her go, I am now better for it.

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