So I met this nice guy on Twitter and we got chatty I found out he has same interest as me; Poetry. I found this poem particularly drawing me in so I decided to reblog it. I always thought medical students are only into their sciences but he proved me wrong. Please enjoy this creativity.

Phoenixgarincha's Blog

In a deep, dark and beautiful world
Where strife and joy spawn a classic meld
It’s better to be alone.
For when the sun drops its light
And the moon owns the night
We are truly just alone

Believe what you may, do and say
What brightens you and keeps you gay
But remember, you are alone
So whether you celebrate a pure victory
Or swim in a deep, sharp pool of misery
Don’t forget; we are truly just alone

Never too good a time to trust
It’s a world of win or bust
And we are all just alone
So whether you rise to embrace the sun
Or keep to yourself till your journey is done
Remember, you will always be alone

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