Why do you blog?


This is one of those questions that as a blogger you are either asked or you ask yourself. I call it the one billion dollar question. This question looks simple and easy but it is not. It is pregnant with more question marks than we often notice.

The reasons for blogging are stretched and vast like the ocean, depending on who you are talking to. Some blog to promote a brand, for others it is their work, yet others see it as a starting point for them to publish a book and for others it is a hobby. The list is endless and sometimes includes personal stories and tragedies.

My blogging history started years ago before I knew what blogging was. I was brought up at the upper east of Ghana known as Navrongo, a truly beautiful town full of color and culture. Growing up in an extended family it was always noisy and loud but the contrast of this is that as a young child you could not really voice out your opinion because it was rude especially if you were in the mist of adults.

As soon as I could put meaningful sentences together, I started writing poetry and stories. All those opinions and emotions that I could not express found their way into my writings. I loved literature and books. I wrote dozens of materials that I did not share not until I was in Senior High School that I gave them out for other classmates to read.

Sadly I stashed all these materials away until quite recently a friend of mine encouraged me to blog. So the question is why did I decide to start blogging?

First of all I see blogging as a way of putting Ghana out there; our culture is so beautiful and needs to be understood. I am tired of hearing only negative things about Ghana when there are positive stories to be told. And as Africans we should not expect foreigners to paint a good picture of a culture they hardly understand. If someone understands your culture then they can appreciate it.

Secondly, blogging is a sort of escape for me, it’s this quite place where I can escape all the chaos in the world and put my thoughts on paper and share with others who might just be feeling the same way I am feeling. We might all be different but when it comes to emotions, we are all the same. Most of the time we take written words for granted but it is amazing how you can inspire someone out of a terrible tragedy or even connect with them in a special way because you seem to understand what they are going through.

I also blog because I feel it is a major platform for me to sharpen my writing skills as well as meet talented people who will help shape my writing experiences. There are amazing writings both local and international that I would love to tap into this world of skills. What other way to meet other talented writers than to blog.

 These are the few reasons why I blog, any other positive results that might come along the way will be bonuses which I will be grateful for.

So tell me, WHY DO YOU BLOG?


4 thoughts on “Why do you blog?

  1. I think if our big men and women from the following ministries:culture, foreign affairs and tourism must work together to promote our rich culture to the outside world. Good Piece my Dear Desmond

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