From the pit of my soul

This is one of those days when the face would not relax.  And your thoughts are empty. The world looks bleak and unexciting. A smile is hard to come by like a kilo of cocaine and you know you are not ready for questions. Deep in the pit of your soul and stomach, come no reasons. You know you should be grateful but the basket of gratitude is empty. This just had to be the day most people are drawn to you, and your smile gets weaker and weaker. You owe no one an explanation but they simply care enough to have noticed. The anxiety heightens and you simply need an explanation but NONE is staring at your face. Don’t tell me to pull myself together because LIFE has made a joke of my emotions. I cannot explain how I feel BUT this is how I feel today.

A word of encouragement will help because this is how I am feeling right now


4 thoughts on “From the pit of my soul

  1. Sheila, to me this writing conveys a great deal of pain. I feel sad about that but glad that you found some words for the wordless feelings. I like it when you say “the basket of gratitude is empty.” Perhaps some day you will write more about the basket of gratitude, which I think is a very compelling image. Thank you for asking for comments in the WordPress Community Pool.

    • That poem is personal because it discribes how I felt one particular morning and I amazed myself by being able to put that feeling into writing. what an idea, I think I will write a poem on a basket of gratitude and am sure to mention you. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

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