The Fancy Coffins




Phone&Snake Coffin

Shoe CoffinDeath is inevitable and many people have still not come to terms with it (I am one of those) while many others have embraced it as unavoidable. But have you ever wondered where you would be laid to rest or what type of coffin you would be buried in? I know most of you are already about to stop reading this post because life can sometimes be sad without me depressing you any further. Hold on a minute because this has a happy ending.

I come from Ghana and I am proud of my country and even though I dream of travelling the world, I always want to come back home. There are so many things that are uniquely Ghanaian and what I am about to share is one of those things; COFFINS (wait). Have you ever imagined being buried in a coffin that is a replica of something you love so much? YES you heard me right; it could be a beer bottle, fish, boat, phone, sneakers, and a camera. Yes and it does not end there you can let your imagination run wild.

There is a town in the capital city of Ghana (Accra) known as Teshie Nungua where carpenters curve coffins according to the profession of the deceased person. So for example if you are a teacher your coffin could be in the form of a pencil and if you are a driver your coffin is designed as a car. And if whiles alive you love your beer, you could also be buried in a beer bottle coffin, is that not awesome?

This trade for some reason is only seen in Teshie Nungua alone and is a sight to behold. Anytime I visit the area I will always stand and admire their artistry. It has also become a tourist attraction and people go there just to take a look. Isn’t it fun to finally leave this world in a piece of something you loved?

Make no mistakes, all the above pictures are coffins.


4 thoughts on “The Fancy Coffins

  1. Wow! This is pretty amazing! As a child, I could have never imagined that coffins would look like this one day. As a matter of fact, as an adult, I could never have imagined that coffins would look like this one day. LOL –Thanks for sharing. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. Very interesting!

    • I see this quite often but I am always amazed at the craftsmanship and I wonder who thought up this idea. I will inquire from them one of these days when I visit. Thanks for making the time to read.

  2. I’ve never heard or seen anything like this but I think it’s a pretty neat idea! I love the fish! My dad would have loved to have been buried in an airplane coffin. This was very interesting.

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