In pursuit of freshly pressed (but this won’t make it)

Photo Credit:  A blogger known as A clown on fire

Photo Credit: A blogger known as A clown on fire

Back at senior high school (note that I attended an all-girls catholic school) there was a wooden board that I would now call ‘’the board of shame’’. On this board our position in class was pasted and a red line drawn horizontally through the list of names. This line of doom indicated that those who are above the red line performed well academically and those who fell below it needed to sit up. I am sure this will leave a bad taste in the mouth of people who feel this is a bad way of encouraging students to learn.

Anyway, the point is I never saw anything wrong with it and I still don’t, maybe it is because I never made it below the red line (wink). This red line made us take our academic work seriously and brought competition between the students (I don’t care if it was healthy competition or not) because, like it or not at some point in life you would have to compete or even fight for something.

This is the same competitive urge I got when I started blogging and realized that wordpress has a ‘’wall’’ known as freshly pressed (I always imagine a well ironed linen when I see the name) on which they ‘’paste’’ the write-ups of bloggers who have written ‘’noteworthy’’ pieces (I am careful because there are other noteworthy write-ups which have not been featured, I am sure it’s one at a time).

Even though I write what I am passionate about and what I want to share with my audiences, I am dying to have one of my writings if not many more feature on freshly pressed (it’s almost like an award am waiting to receive). Whether it is seen as a competition or not I am hereby seeing it as one and I am going to make it to the freshly pressed wall.

Until then I know this one is not making it to that wall or will it?



5 thoughts on “In pursuit of freshly pressed (but this won’t make it)

  1. Don’t write with the goal of being freshly pressed. Just write and keep blogging because you’re having fun doing and that’s what you like to do. And who knows? You may be surprised one of these days and find yourself freshly pressed or some other place of honor. Happy blogging! 😉

    • You are totally right. I started blogging just for the fun and to share my culture with the rest of the world so I will keep that focus and wish that one day I make it to freshly pressed. Thanks for the advice.

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