Daily Prompt: Escape!- Blogging Panic


Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

I started writing as young as ten. Mostly I would write poetry and read it to my imaginary friend. Recently I was going through some personal challenges and I truly felt empty inside. I would resort to sleeping in my room with no lights on and no TV, just me and my taughts. Then a friend of mine encouraged me to start blogging. So I stated blogging on the 16th of March 2013.

It was exciting as much as it was confusing and soon I had few people comments on my post. The thrill was amazing especially because most of them where people I did not know on a personal level.

Soon I also started exploring different blogs and the talent out there is amazing. The creativity is just awesome. That is when my fear came greeting me. The more I went through other blogs the more I felt I wanted to write like this person or that person. The confusion grew each time. Should I write about things that will draw comments or should I write what I wanted to share. What if no one likes what I write? Any time I pick my pen to write, I pause to think if other bloggers and people would like it.

This fear took a seat in my heart and held me captive. I was now trying to blog base on what others may like, but what happened to what I like and feel passionate about?

Thanks to http://wordswithnannaprawn.wordpress.com/ who genuinely loved what I wrote and complimented me and http://upwoods.wordpress.com/ on whose blog I came across advice for young bloggers saying ‘’ Write from your heart or inclination, have a ball, and never EVER compare yourself to other bloggers!’’. Thanks to the two of you and many others who are helping new bloggers find their strength in the mist of all this diverse creativity.

I have therefore decided to escape from this fear which is trying to take away my unique writing skills and plunge me into a pool of writing like others.

I don’t have an ultimate escape plan but this is what I pledge myself to remain true to who I am and to share that with those who care enough to stick around and be part of me. If that is not good enough, then I am sorry.  


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Escape!- Blogging Panic

  1. Great post! There is such an overwhelming variety of blogs out there and some really good writers, some with thousands of followers, that it can feel a bit intimidating. It seems to me though that a lot of those huge blogs which are really popular are actually kind of commercial and the content of the blog is sometimes … well, it doesn’t “say” a lot. Either that or they feel a bit gimmicky. Of course, there will be exceptions, but that’s often the case. I tend to avoid the huge blogs. I prefer smaller blogs with a more personal feel where the blogger is really authentic.

    In the beginning, I was kind of obsessed with my site stats and how many views my posts were getting, but I don’t even check my site stats anymore. I write whatever I feel like writing, and 99% of the time it is controversial and opinionated, because that’s just who I am. I don’t pretend to be an expert in everything, but if I want to share my opinions, then I will. If people don’t like it, they can leave my blog. If they like it, then it’s nice to “meet” like-minded people. Either way, I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion.

    But, sure, you need to write what you feel *inspired* to write, or else, what’s the point? I mean, my last post was about the subject of “death” which is a topic that most people shy away from. I posted it because I wanted to, because it was a subject that I have been thinking about (as a student-therapist this is a topic I have to deal with). I thought a couple of my regular readers would read it because we have become good blogging friends, and we always like each other’s posts, but it actually got a lot of likes and feedback! Go figure.

    I think a lot of people (secretly) like it when you are bold enough to write stuff that most people feel nervous to talk about. Everyone is worried about what people will think, and they let that fear control them, which is a shame. I write whatever I like and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback for that, but it takes time to build a little blogging community, and you need to go out and read other blogs and leave feedback.

    A lot of people just read my blog without leaving feedback, and some people don’t even click “like”, but then ages later they will tell me that they love my blog and read everything! So it’s really a choice between being popular and having loads of followers and loads of feedback (but you probably have to write stuff that is “easy reading” and “light”) or you write with passion and fire whatever you like and people will love to read it, but they might be a little shy to come forward or reluctant to be “associated” with a controversial post. Personally, I don’t mind that. Everybody has their reasons, which I respect.

    But I think to write with passion and fire is always best! 🙂 That’s just my opinion though. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for the advice, it means a lot to me and I can definitely relate to what you are saying.

      I was so interested in how many views and visits I get in a day but I am beginning to take it easy. with this encouragement I will focus on what I really want to share rather than the number of likes a post is likely to get.

      I am still on this journey of finding that fire that you talked about and your advice just came in handy. people like you help people like us find our voice in the midst of the “noise”. Thank you once again for stopping by. do continue to check on me once in a while.

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