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You greeted

I responded

Nice to meet

You, but you

You need to

Go, I have no

Seat to offer

My fears.


The secret chamber

Photo Credit: top15

Photo Credit: top15










It is shrouded in mystery

A place of darkness and pain

It’s located in a cave call heart

It overwhelms the soul


It is a storeroom known to none

It is visited over and over again

It is a flood gate of regrets

Its vigor has no limit


It has destruction bigger than a storm

Invisible and cancerous

Its eats away the soul

And yet in the silence of the soul

A secret chamber to visit

Basket of gratitude


First basket…………..gratitude for what you have

Gratitude is more than a feeling, it is an attitude of acknowledging benefits we receive or even are yet to receive.  The world has become a habitat of materialism, we are all chasing after one dream or the other that we take so much for granted. We all want more and more out of life (I know I want more out of life) but in all this craziness and mad chase after what it is that we are chasing, do we pause for a few minutes to be grateful for what we already have?  Most of the time we are complaining about what we lack but we forget that what we take for granted, someone is praying for. If we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we’d be happy with more? It is almost impossible for some people to think there is something in their life they should be grateful for. If you have nothing to be thankful for then what about: LIFE, CHILDREN, FAMILY, SHELTER, FRIENDS, ANOTHER DAY, ABILITIES&TALENTS, LAUGHTER, FOOD, and HEALTH. These and so many others we have to be grateful for. We are not better than those who lack these things but we are blessed (you can say lucky if you want, I prefer blessed) with them. Stop the complaint and bitterness about what it is you don’t have and start being grateful for what you have. You will be amazed just how much you have and how much you will get just by being grateful. Today start looking into your basket of gratitude and dish that gratitude out. 


Second basket…………………..grateful for what others give us

Most of us take so much of what we have for granted that it is hard for us to be grateful for what others give us. People are giving of themselves every day to us in numerous ways. They bless us with: COMPLIMENTS, SERVICES, SMILES, LAUGHTER, TIME, A SHOULDER, A GIFT, A WAVE, and GREETINGS. That text your mother sent to you when you stayed out late telling you she was worried sick about you and that friend who is always there to hold the tissue box for you so you can cry your heart out to her. What about that man who picked up your pen for you when you dropped it? And even the cleaner in your office who does a wonderful job of cleaning. Are we ever grateful for all these beautiful moments or do we feel we deserve them. A moment of gratitude is all we need to give to make someone feel good and appreciated for the rest of the day. You have this basket of gratitude you carry around, look in it and dish out some appreciation for life and for the people in your life whether they are family or strangers.

NB: I had written poem in which I mentioned a phrase ‘’the basket of gratitude”, a blogger by name Mary Anne Barton suggested I write something base on that phrase. I take this moment to say thank you Mary Ann Barton

So tell me, what are you grateful for today? 

Those moments

He towers over me so beautifully

His hands caresses ever so genteelly

That look when he bends over me

His eyes glisten like with tears

Those moments stays with me


His signature touch

A kiss on the forehead

That can shut me up

I can’t argue with that


With him I can conquer the world

And with him I can crush and burn

Together we rise ever so slowly again

With my head on his African chest

I know this is where I belong


And those moments of

Madness. Anger. Frowns.

Unshaken our grounds

For when he says LEILA

I love him all over again  


This Void

The void grew each day

Till the soul is lost

If a lot means more

Then why does it not show?

If more means power

Then why this weakness?


The soul runs at the sight of plenty

If only we will stop for once

And listen to its cry

We will hear our very being

Whisper ever so gently

I have had enough  

Daily Prompt: Earworm- I HOPE YOU DANCE

Daily Prompt: Earworm

What song is stuck in your head (or on permanent rotation in your CD or MP3 player) these days? Why does it speak to you?


When it comes to music I have no particular genre that I like most, I listen to a lot of genres but I am more prone to listen to R&B and to the soft kind of music. My play list is full of all sort of music. What I usually care about are the lyrics and the beat of a song. I am not about to bore you with my playlist, I want to introduce you to that one song that has the power to switch my mood from zero to hundred.  This is the song that can make me break the famous Berlin wall just because I believe I can. I have cried to this song and danced to it as well. This song slowly whispers to me anytime I fail at something that all hope is not lost. It’s always on replay on my playlist.

I am talking about the song entitled I HOPE YOU DANCE by Gladys Knights.  Let me share some of the lyrics with you and why this song is stuck in my head. Below are some of my favorite lines in the song

‘’I hope you never lose your sense of wonder

 You get your fill to eat

 But always keep that hunger

 May you never take one single breath for granted

Promise me you’ll give faith a fighting chance’’

These lines simply tell us to appreciate and love life and when we fail, it is not the end of the world. Just accept and enjoy the wonders of the world. Life is a gift so enjoy it and don’t take it for granted.

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance

 Never settle for the path of least resistance

 Living might mean taking chances

 But they’re worth taking

 Lovin’ might be a mistake

 But it’s worth making

 Don’t let some hell bent heart

 Leave you bitter

 When you come close to selling out


 Give the heavens above

 More than just a passing glance

What more encouragement does one need than these words, take chances it says, you might make mistakes along the way but it is all worth it. Don’t live a bitter life because of someone else’s actions. And most of all take time to enjoy your surroundings, we are too busy to sometimes even notice what the sky looks like, come on! Live a little is what the above lines say.

 I hope you dance

 (Tell me who)

 (Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)

 I hope you dance

 (Where those years have gone)

And the real question is do you want to look back after all the years spent and wonder where all the years have gone? We both know the answer is no. so in all the chaos and in all our busy lives let’s find the time to DANCE.


Now leave a favorite song in the comment box and am sure to check it out


Why do you blog?


This is one of those questions that as a blogger you are either asked or you ask yourself. I call it the one billion dollar question. This question looks simple and easy but it is not. It is pregnant with more question marks than we often notice.

The reasons for blogging are stretched and vast like the ocean, depending on who you are talking to. Some blog to promote a brand, for others it is their work, yet others see it as a starting point for them to publish a book and for others it is a hobby. The list is endless and sometimes includes personal stories and tragedies.

My blogging history started years ago before I knew what blogging was. I was brought up at the upper east of Ghana known as Navrongo, a truly beautiful town full of color and culture. Growing up in an extended family it was always noisy and loud but the contrast of this is that as a young child you could not really voice out your opinion because it was rude especially if you were in the mist of adults.

As soon as I could put meaningful sentences together, I started writing poetry and stories. All those opinions and emotions that I could not express found their way into my writings. I loved literature and books. I wrote dozens of materials that I did not share not until I was in Senior High School that I gave them out for other classmates to read.

Sadly I stashed all these materials away until quite recently a friend of mine encouraged me to blog. So the question is why did I decide to start blogging?

First of all I see blogging as a way of putting Ghana out there; our culture is so beautiful and needs to be understood. I am tired of hearing only negative things about Ghana when there are positive stories to be told. And as Africans we should not expect foreigners to paint a good picture of a culture they hardly understand. If someone understands your culture then they can appreciate it.

Secondly, blogging is a sort of escape for me, it’s this quite place where I can escape all the chaos in the world and put my thoughts on paper and share with others who might just be feeling the same way I am feeling. We might all be different but when it comes to emotions, we are all the same. Most of the time we take written words for granted but it is amazing how you can inspire someone out of a terrible tragedy or even connect with them in a special way because you seem to understand what they are going through.

I also blog because I feel it is a major platform for me to sharpen my writing skills as well as meet talented people who will help shape my writing experiences. There are amazing writings both local and international that I would love to tap into this world of skills. What other way to meet other talented writers than to blog.

 These are the few reasons why I blog, any other positive results that might come along the way will be bonuses which I will be grateful for.

So tell me, WHY DO YOU BLOG?