My boobs can do the job

Watch this video before you go any further. Feminist please be warned, you might not like this.

I have a friend who sends me a lot of messages, text, pictures and videos through WhatsUp. Most of these are usually funny and are aimed to help make my day. But this day he sent me a video that kept me thinking. It is a simple cartoon video of an interview session.
In the video this is what ensued: Note: the man is the interviewer and the woman the interviewee.

Man: I see you are here to apply for the executive secretary position yes?
Woman: please call me Natasha

Man: ok then Natasha do you have any experience as a secretary?
Woman: absolutely none

Man: do you have any specialized training in the field?
Woman: no

Man: well what makes you think you are right for this job then?
Woman: I’ve got a huge rock (I didn’t hear that well though it sounded like rack)

Man: excuse me?
Woman: these boobs caused me three thousand dollars each, that is way more than it cause to go to a secretary school you know

Man: so you think having rather large breast will get you this job then?
Woman: well I hope you don’t choose a secretary because she can type a letter, answer the phone or get coffee. I mean anyone can do that

Man: am at a loss for words
Woman: I get that a lot

Man: well Natasha, aside from the fact that you are lovely to look at how would your huge ‘’melons’’ be an asset to this organization?
Woman: look let’s say you are about to sign a big contract with an important client but he is hesitating, he is not sure. The deal is
about to fall through right. I come into your office with an important document for you to sign I bend over in my low cut dress and give them a little wiggle like this. What do you think he is going to do when I leave your office?
Man: sign the contract

Woman: that’s right
Man: right then can you start tomorrow?

Woman: no problem honey
Man: please call me Charles.

Well I must say I have always been sad about the impression that women get jobs because of their looks (I mean in some cases it is true) but I would like to belief that most women have the skills and looks (note I bought skills first before looks) to get most jobs. We are yet to be given a fair chance at the job market but these days women are a force to reckon with. That is a topic for another day.

What impressed me (call me crazy) about this video is the ladies ability to ‘’sell’’ what she could offer the organization. She drew an honest picture about what she could offer (marketing skills if you ask me) the company.
Most people go to interviews with all the qualifications, certificates and skills and yet are not able to convince the organization about what their contribution would be should they be hired.

Forget about the ‘’bad’’ image this video is painting about women and the advantages of their looks and focus on the way this lady was able to convince the company about what it is that she can contribute to the company.
For me this is the lesson am taking from this video.
Watch the video, it is more expressive than I was able to capture in text.


8 thoughts on “My boobs can do the job

  1. Many business deals/contracts happen in hotels and not in office. A room key is given on signing the papers. I read your interpretation on the subject and agree with you too.

      • hi shiela, i agree and well convinced with you… just to share one thing…
        After reading your post, i attended an Ask HR meeting and asked them why in our office site we have less than 20% women staff, when the global policy for the company is to have 35% women staff.
        They did not knew it is a problem ever, but will look on to handle it.
        So you see i understand your post.

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