Marry me that way


Come with me to my parents
Sit on an African stool
And stretch out your legs
Drink from a calabash
And refresh your soul
Marry me that way

Let the whole family see you
Let them ask you who you are
Tell them your intentions for me
Marry me that way

Set the drinks before my parents
Let them ask you why you are here
Let me watch your heart beat fast
Because you want to impress
Marry me that way

Watch as my family accepts your drinks
And welcome you to the family
Watch as they start calling you;
In-law, Son, uncle, brother and friend
Marry me that way


13 thoughts on “Marry me that way

  1. A calabash is a round fruit like a melon but it is not eaten. The content in the fruit is scooped from it and it is dried and treated in the sun. This is then used to drink water or locally brewed beer. It is sometimes known as a gourd.

  2. Hi Sheila, What a beautiful poem! The mention of calabash brought fond memories of my childhood. We often used the calabash for dipping water when we took a bath. I am following you to read more of your beautiful writing.

  3. I really like this poem, Sheila. I love how the calabash appears in the first stanza, how you say “Come with me to my parents/ Sit on an African stool,” and the way you repeat the last line in each stanza, “Marry me that way.” I also love the photo.

    • I am grateful you stopped by my blog and for the comment. I was trying to paint a picture of what goes on in a trsditional marrige in Ghana. Am glad you like it.

  4. please I am from the Upper West and am planing to marry a lady from upper East, what will be the requirement from the families according to the tradition over there, I ask her and she say she didn’t know, so can you help so that at lest I can no my stand since am not in Ghana now

    • Sorry for replying so late, luckily for you I have a recent list on my desktop so if you don’t mind giving me your email. I will send it to you right away. I wish you all the best as you embark on this journey

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