The Azonto craze.

The name Azonto started on a wrong foot in Ghana as nobody wanted to be associated with it. It was used to refer to especially a lady who is promiscuous and is all into partying. Slowly the dance version crept into the scene and soon songs that enhanced the dance were introduced into the country. This is when the Azonto dance became popular and united the youth in the county. There is no party, night out, wedding, clubbing without the Azonto dance.

 It sneaked into the church to the displeasure of most of the elderly ones but to the youth church was now fun and worth prevent it from leaving the church since most conservative churches saw the dance as a satanic dance, some of the more daring Christians rephrased it “christozonto”. I think this name gave the type of Azonto that was being danced in the church a better image but personally it was still the same dance.   

Now I know most Ghanaians reading this post probably know the genesis of azonto more than I do but this beautiful dance has taken over the world.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about the azonto dance moves, I can because I was crowned the Azonto dance queen at my company’s end of year Christmas party. I don’t think I am the best Azonto dancer but I do know a few steps.

The dance basically consists of the movement of the hands (usually in the air) and the twisting of the legs which are firmly placed on the ground. The dance depicts daily human activities such as ironing, washing, making of phone calls, sending text messages, putting on makeup and even boxing of the opponent. All these activities are portrayed in the dance using mostly the hands and legs with some facial expressions.

As I was saying, this danced has spread all over Africa and the world over and if you have not heard of it then I don’t know under which cave you are still living. Most high schools and colleges in both the USA and UK are obsessed with this dance and some celebrities are also trying their hands on this dance.

Apart from the various tribal dances in the country, azonto is the one unifying dance for the country and both young and old are not left out.

If you are the historical type of person who wants to know from which part of Ghana the dance came from I suggest you hit Wikipedia or Google because I don’t want to go into that now since with every good thing, those who claim ownership are many.

This one dance has put much more focus on Ghana than politics. It has fascinated most people to the extent that the BBC and other renowned media houses have shined some light on the dance.

I know those who don’t know how the dance looks like are curious, well hit YouTube armed with the word AZONTO and let me know what you think after that.



6 thoughts on “The Azonto craze.

  1. I had a great time reading . Read it 3 times . Lovely piece. Now I now the begining of Azonto. One day I woke up and everyone was into Azonto. Never knew how it began. Keep us informed Sheila.

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