The Ghanaian Fabrics



It is no secret that most Ghanaians glorify everything foreign from music, food, accents, shoes and clothing. Our very lifestyle is influence by most things foreign. These choices affected the textile industry since most Ghanaians would rather buy designer labels than anything Ghanaian.

Most people will bring up the quality issue and I think that is a whole new topic for another day.

The Ghanaian government took a decision that changed the way Ghanaian prints were perceived. The government came up with a concept that was aimed at boosting the textiles industry in the country. The idea is what is now being referred to as “the Friday wear”. Even though not compulsory, all Ghanaians are entreated to wear a Ghanaian print styled clothing to the office on Friday or at least once in a week.

This started slowly but was soon to catch up well with mostly the youth; this move saw young designers being creative with the various African prints and this soon spread through the country like wild fire.

Most of the youth now want a piece of this new trend. It comes in various forms from cocktail dresses, evening gowns, purses and bags, shoes, earrings, bangles, hair ribbons, belts, ties and many others.

Today most Ghanaians owe multiple things made from the Ghanaian print and it is amazing just to see people proudly display these items in their day to day fashion sense. It is almost as if we are holding a piece of our country and proud.

This single move by our government has changed the attitude of most Ghanaians towards the Ghanaian print. So when next you decide to visit this beautiful African country of ours, try and take a piece of US with you in these designs.


11 thoughts on “The Ghanaian Fabrics

  1. I started blogging recently. if you can leave a comment after reading this to let me know what you think will be appreciated. it could be positive or negative. i am all about learning.

    • it’s surprising how times have changed, these days it seems we’ve realised the beauty of our culture and are proud of showing it off. I just hope we don’t revert to our old ways copying blindly from the west.

  2. Great piece there on promoting African wear. No wonder you always elegantly dress african. Great desire, keep it up.

  3. Wow, this really puts in perspective a difference in culture! Here in Australia they have ‘dress down’ Friday…..Australians are not always dressed that smartly to start with (particularly in Queensland) and we are originally from the chilly North of England, so my husband finds it a bit strange to be wearing t-shirt and jeans to the office and not a shirt and a tie every day of the week. I think we’d be considered quite scruffy if we came to Ghana! I love how you showcased so many different prints and styles in this post, articulate and a nice length, great post!

  4. Fridays are days when Ghanaian prints are seen in most offices. It is a bit casual on Fridays here in Ghana too but you are not likely to see a lot of jeans and T-shirts. But on the other hand i work for a mining company of American origin so we also don’t dress smartly as most workers in corporate Ghana does. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Hope to share more soon.

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  6. Wanted to know if you have a column for a more traditional music from all over Africa, there are some prominent personalities we can think of. Let’s dive into those insights as well Shelia, Thank you

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