Already Taken

He approached me with a dazzling smile that took my breath away. Not only did he have a set of white teeth but he was so good looking, and with a gentle man demeanor he asked if he could join me on my table. I was trembling and trying not to stare too much, I was finally able to find my voice and managed to say the words ‘’yes of course’’. He whispered a thank you and took the seat right in front of me.

In a few seconds my eyes had scan him from head to toe. He was tall, handsome, well groomed and God! he smelled like heaven. And before I could finish my assessment he stretched his hand and gave me his name as Coleman. I gave a weak smile and said a humble ‘’nice to meet you’’.

He was everything I have dreamed of in a man. Like the man that he is, he took charge and started a conversation. We talked about so many things from movies, music, novels to fashion. We had so much in common.

He wanted to know what a young single girl like me was doing all by herself in a busy city such as this one. I told him I was having my ‘’ME’’ time and I do so by ordering one of the most expensive food in a restaurant of my choice. After a long chat and laughter I decided to ask the question every young lady of my age will be dying to ask. I however went about it in a cunning way. Here is what I said ‘’so what is a good looking single man doing in this city crashing tables of young ladies’’? Coleman looked at me and smiled ‘’I am happily married with three kids’’.

My world came crashing just as my facial expression changed. I prayed to God he did not notice the sudden change. I was disappointed and angry but what was I thinking that other women were blind and could not see? As usually all the good men are already taken. He told me he had to rush back to the office and as he made his way out of the restaurant he said to me ‘’if I was not married, I would want to be with someone like you.’’ With this he left. As if his words will change anything, I smiled and kept thinking about his words all day. It was all I had left from him.


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