My landlords cats.

They walk in a pair of three around the house.  Since I am no specialist in pets I do not know their gender and who cares anyway? The three ‘’paddies’’ would always coil themselves in front of my apartment.

 Whenever I arrive from work they would look at me as if to say ‘’we know you are tired but all the same welcome home’’. This always brings a smile to my face even though they say nothing at all.

 The sad thing is that the landlord is one who believes that human beings should be so satisfied before a pet gets its fair share and since that does not almost always happen in his kitchen, these poor creatures would always have to await my return from work.  They would jump up and down upon my return from work as if to say ‘’at long last’’.

 They would meow when I am cooking and jump up my trap door till I feed them and after eating they would lay in front of my door as if to protect me from danger and I truly believe they do.

 While preparing some corned beef stew I heard a meow as usual and knowing my three ‘’paddies’’ I quickly shouted ‘’shut up’’ and continued with my cooking. After about fifteen minutes  I went out to pour out some dirty water and the horror that greeted me left me frozen and when I finally found my voice I shouted  ‘’Oh my God, Jesus’’.

 Lying in front of me was one of the cats with a heavy climbing ladder pressed upon its throat with its mouth wide open and surrounding it was the other two cats. The cat was DEAD. Apparently the ladder fell right on the throat of the cat. I was so ruptured with emotions. I assumed the sound from the cat earlier on was their usual pranks, if only I had come out to check out on them when I heard the sound I would have saved the cat. Assumptions, Assumptions I still cannot take the picture off my head and I cannot forgive myself. This is not another write up, this is a true story.

 Let’s try NOT to assume. I lost one of my cats because of it.



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